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FREE BC Air Brake Test 1 2024

If you want to drive a truck in British Columbia, you need a commercial truck driver’s licence. With a commercial driver’s licence, you can work for a trucking company as an employee or work for yourself as an owner-operator. The transportation industry in British Columbia is booming, and truck drivers are in high demand. As a driver of one of the largest vehicles on the road, you must study and practice to learn to drive carefully and safely. Before you can get your commercial driver’s licence, you must pass both a written and a practical test. The written test (also known as the British Columbia truck driver’s licence knowledge exam) has several multiple-choice questions. You must get at least an 80% to pass the knowledge exam. The knowledge test for each class of licence typically takes approximately 30 minutes. For the practical test, you will meet with an examiner to demonstrate your knowledge of the operation of a truck. The official Commercial Driver’s Handbooks are great resources, but they lack practice. This 40-question BC Air Brake practice test is a great way to start as it covers the basics of commercial driving in British Columbia. All questions are based on the official 2024 BC commercial driver’s manual. As you answer the questions, we recommend checking each question’s explanation to gain some further insight into the rule behind it. Good luck and drive safely!

List of questions (classic view)

  1. Should you pump (keep pressing and releasing) air brakes?
  2. It is important to keep compressed air as dry as possible because
  3. What does the low air pressure warning device warn you about?
  4. If the low air pressure warning signal comes on, what should you do?
  5. The effectiveness of the spring brakes for emergencies or parking
  6. During normal driving, what keeps the spring brakes released?
  7. Assuming good traction and constant vehicle weight, if you double your speed, your vehicle's braking distance will be
  8. If drum brakes overheat, the vehicle's stopping distance will increase. What is the reason for this?
  9. Air braking systems tend to react slower than hydraulic braking systems because
  10. While travelling downhill, you notice that each time you want to brake, you must press the brake pedal farther down than the last time to achieve the same braking force. What could be causing this?
  11. The maximum air pressure available for braking is determined by
  12. The foot (treadle) valve
  13. Which of the following can impair braking effectiveness?
  14. After you apply the service brakes, what happens to that compressed air?
  15. What does an alcohol evaporator do?
  16. When you test the system air-loss rate, the maximum acceptable air-loss rate per minute after the initial drop is ________ except for vehicles with two trailers.
  17. You're driving a vehicle equipped with a dual air brake system. The low air pressure warning signal comes on, but one system still has normal pressure. What should you do?
  18. How should you test your vehicle's low air pressure warning signal?
  19. An application pressure gauge shows the air pressure
  20. All vehicles equipped with air brakes must have
  21. What is the colour coding that is often used for the supply and service lines to the trailer?
  22. The hand valve of a tractor-trailer
  23. In a vehicle equipped with air brakes, what does the governor control?
  24. Polarized gladhands on a tractor
  25. ln vehicles with three dash-mounted push-pull valve knobs, how are the valve knobs usually coloured?
  26. What is the purpose of a quick release valve?
  27. What is an advantage of automatic slack adjusters?
  28. You must make heavy brake applications as part of your pre-trip inspection. Why should you release the spring brakes first?
  29. In a tractor-trailer, blended air is air from
  30. How is the heat produced by your vehicle's brakes dissipated?
  31. What is brake lag?
  32. Drivers must hold an industrial air brake endorsement if they will be __________ on industrial roads.
  33. As part of your pre-trip inspection of a combination vehicle with air brakes and one trailer, you should make sure that the air-loss rate per minute is not greater than
  34. After you've connected your tractor to a trailer, you should test the trailer service brakes by applying
  35. How can you tell how much air pressure is in the service reservoirs?
  36. How can you tell if you have cross-connected the supply line and the service (control) line on a tractor-trailer with air brakes?
  37. When adjusting a manual slack adjuster, how can you tell whether you are turning the adjusting bolt in the correct direction?
  38. When using the applied stroke method to check pushrod stroke, how much pressure should you apply to the service brakes?
  39. How often should you inspect your vehicle?
  40. If 40 psi of pressure is applied to a brake chamber diaphragm of 30 square inches, the maximum force exerted would be
  41. Which of the following are major components of the air supply circuit?